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What is Counselling?

We are all susceptible, at some point in our lives, to feeling overwhelmed by what life can bring. Sometimes we encounter experiences that are hard for us to come to terms with leaving us in need of support, this may be in the form of a bereavement, a relationship breakdown, a job loss; any event that we struggle to comprehend and understand. Other times a series of events may have taken place that leave us feeling like we are walking under a big black cloud and fail to see a way forward. It is at times like this counselling can help. It's a place where you can talk openly and honestly, where you are able to express your thoughts and feelings to gain a better understanding of yourself and the situation you currently find yourself in.

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to counselling. My knowledge of a wide range of counselling theories allows me to tailor my counselling approach to your particular needs. My belief is that every life event we experience shapes us, either in positive way or a negative one, and this is what can cause us to become ‘stuck’ in patterns of thoughts and behaviours. By understanding where these patterns originated from allows us to gain a better understanding of why we think and act in the way we do. In turn we are able to consider what works for us and what doesn’t, allowing us the opportunity to make necessary changes to improve our emotional well-being.


Making the decision to attend counselling can be a little daunting which is why I offer a safe, comfortable space in which you will feel secure, supported and understood. An environment where you can be yourself, feeling able to express your emotions freely and easily without the risk of judgement.

When looking for a therapist it is important to find someone you feel you can trust and be comfortable opening up to, therefore I welcome you to contact me and ask any questions you may have and to explore your needs and expectations of counselling.

Sessions are 50 minutes long, take place weekly, and cost £50. It is always your decision how many sessions you wish to have.

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